More state funded Propaganda

As the Governments handling of the doom gets more scrutinised, we get a sudden release of information based on a computer model claiming they did everything spot on.

Hendy and his modellers are back at it, creating utter nonsense.

The trouble with Shaun Hendy’s models is we have real world data to compare his computations to.

Today’s revelation is that Ardern saved 32,000 lives. Oh but did she?

What absolute rubbish. There are countries that did less than NZ did in terms of “protecting” the civilians and they didn’t get close to this sort of carnage. One is now the country that it turns out, they got it right, being Sweden. No lock downs, no mask mandates, no school closures. Guess what Hendy, they didn’t have 32,000 deaths did they? So how were we going to exactly.

So far only 24 countries in the world have had more than 32,000 deaths , the least populous being Hungry in 24th place with a population of over 9.5 million. The next least populous is Ecuador in 23rd place with 18 million. but the sparkly populated sheep farm in the bottom of the pacific was going to have bodies piling up in the streets was it?

The report even goes on to comment on if they had closed the borders earlier (when National were calling for the borders to be closed and surprise surprise, this apparently wouldn’t have made any difference.

They are not even hiding the obvious propaganda piece here.

Shaun Hendy seems desperate to gain some credibility about his predictions, remember it was 88,000 deaths to start with. So at least he has admitted in a round about way that he was at least 54, 000 times wrong. Based on the fact the article doesn’t mention him by name seems that maybe the public are sick of his doom predictions.

Countries that are within 500,000 of our population (11 in all) have an average of 3,496 deaths in total and the worst 5 of those average 7,000 deaths the remaining 6 average 569

Sweden was a COVID-19 hotspot. It had arrived before they knew it was there and they decided to not lock down. They have had less than half of Hendy’s prediction.

Maybe someone loaded Zombie Apocalypse into his computer.

One day these people will have to justify their actions and I don’t think history will look too kindly on them. Unless the globalists win this war and rewrite history.

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Leper_boy November 18, 2021
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Hendy, New Zealand's biggest moron