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Dear Carl,

Last Sunday, Stuff and the Sunday Star-Times ran a piece from the Senior Journalist, Andrea Vance,accusing the Taxpayers’ Union and other groups opposing Three Waters of encouraging a “nasty undercurrent of racism”.

The column was clearly a smear, designed to shut down legitimate concerns over the proposed governance of Three Waters.

You have seen our advertising, and the Three Waters campaign. While we have pointed out the fact that the Government is proposing co-governed water entities, it has not even been our main point of criticism. Similarly, our questioning of Minister Mahuta on our recent podcast was respectful.

We cannot allow debate to be silenced by shrill calls of ‘racism’ just for mentioning, or asking questions about the implications of, co-goverance. We cannot let the media shut-down reasonable questions and debate by shouting racism. That sort of dishonest framing only leads to polarisation and distrust of the media. We need to make a stand.

We figured we deserve a right of reply, so I drafted an opinion piece in response. But Stuff refused to publish it, suggesting we write a short (no more than 150 word) letter to the editor instead.

No thanks. Vance’s piece (nearly 800 words spread across two pages of last weekend’s paper) contains serious accusations and sweeping statements about complex legislation. It deserves a proper response.

So we tried something different: we booked space to run my response, in full, as a paid half-page ad in the Sunday-Star Times. But when we submitted the design, we were told “we will not be publishing this” without further explanation.

It appears Stuff are quite happy to take money from the Government to promote co-goverance, but won’t take money from advertisers who want to respectfully respond to being accused of racism for opposing Three Waters.

So I now present to you directly the op-ed Stuff doesn’t want you to read:


Click here to read the full piece.

Reading the op-ed back, the reason Stuff doesn’t want it published is obvious: they don’t want you to be reminded that the media is accepting handouts from the $55 million “public interest journalism” fund, explicitly intended to promote the Treaty principle of Partnership (i.e. co-governance).

Stuff won’t be happy about you receiving this email. They’ll be even less happy if you forward it on, or share the op-ed on Facebook. And they’ll be apoplectic if you chip-in so we can boost the op-ed as an ad on social media.

Thank you for all your support.Jordan


Jordan Williams
Executive Director
New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.

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