Freedom Day?

OK so we know the press are State Funded Propaganda Facilitators.  So how is this so called ‘freedom day’ a freedom day

For intelligent New Zealanders it is the first official day in our national existence,  where one or more sectors of society are, by government mandate, excluded, ostracized and victimized because of choices they make. This has to be the saddest day in our history, with no exceptions.   

Perhaps this speech is to become a footnote in our own history

“Friday the Third Day of December 2021, a date that will live in Infamy as the people of New Zealand were intentionally and deliberately attacked by the Government of New Zealand who without though have attacked the fundamental rights to freedom of the peoples of New Zealand.”

I propose that, as we recognize such days in the histories of mankind, this day go down in the annals of NZ history as they day we accepted the term ‘Freedom’ as meaning –  Freedom’s only granted at the whim of the government to an entirely subservient unquestioning population allowing for the exclusion of some or all, others.   

I proposed it be renamed – NZ’s National Recognition We are Population of Sheep Day.   

It is the day we officially (re)enter the UN list of Developing (3rd world) nations having plunged the nation onto the list of Banana Republic’s and monkey dictatorships.

I look to our national anthem for comparative guidance and nationalistic referencing and see, we are certainly not a land of the free, we are advancing nothing fare or fair, and most definitely not the home of the brave. Whilst Jacinda would love us to Save her as our Queen, I can only hope that God will continue trying to Defend ALL New Zealanders, cos sure as God made apples this government won’t.


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