Surprise surprise the likes of Siouxsie Wiles thinks Free Speech is Racist!

look at the tweets below from our academics and you can see where the woke are being moulded from. I have concerns about my daughter going to a university where these sorts of morons are indoctrinating our future minds.

Everyone is a racist now if you don’t agree with their mind set, even if you are Maori

Dear Carl

Just quickly updating you on my email last week as the situation at our universities is even worse than we feared. The academics who are facing disciplinary investigations because they signed a letter to the Listener Magazine that states mātauranga Māori is not the same as science need our help.

Since my email, the Free Speech Union wrote to every university academic in the country outlining the situation of the Royal Society trying to discipline the scientists who signed the letter. We wanted to invite fellow academics to join our Union and stand up for free speech and academic freedom.

And boy, did we get some colourful responses. While plenty of academics responded to our call to arms by joining our Union, many of the replies are just too offensive for re-publication. Here are the some that aren’t too offensive, but are illustrative of the closed-mindedness inside the universities:

“I don’t believe in the neoliberal concept of ‘free speech’ or any other of the bullshit you stand for.”

“I won’t be supporting them or their racist views of what is and is not ‘science’! I don’t wish you luck drumming up support for their racist views either! Bigots.”

“‘Free speech’ is being used around the world to seed misinformation.  To suggest or imply there is not academic ‘freedom’ here in Aotearoa NZ is dangerous and false.”

Remember, these aren’t random social media trolls – these are highly paid academics at our universities!

Tweet by Siouxie Wiles **

Tweet by Daniel Benson-Guiu

It is responses like these that remind us why our stand for free speech is so important. The universities used to be the guardians of enlightenment values – now they are at the forefront of tearing them down. 

The reaction on social mean suggests that we are hitting a nerve among the woke elites who want to control conversations.

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But it wasn’t all bad. We had a number of encouraging messages from within the universities too:

“I have never bothered joining any union… However, your email is forcing me to reconsider because I am very, very aware of the dangers we now face, which require collaboration to fight.”“It is sad to see that Wokery has now arrived in NZ… A feature of wokery is that they launch a personal attack on the messenger and never try to discuss or simply acknowledge that they might be wrong.”

“I am dismayed as much as you are! What can I do?”

We need to stand with those who are being attacked for their free speech and to call out those who threaten this basic freedom. 

Thank you to all of those who make these efforts possible.

David C.

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