Back to the Future

Couldn’t help myself.  As NZ moves into a new era of State approved discrimination I went back and found an interview from every decade from the 50’s where interviewers asked ‘normal people’ about their attitudes to various minority groups (see how many are from NZ)

As we now officially discriminate against the GEWs (those Generally Endangering Wellness), here are some snippets from the Rednecks of the past to help the Redneck’s of NZ’s tomorrow (literally tomorrow).

1950’s European Women in Alabama  “…why I don’t have anything against (Ni..ers) and some of my friends are (n), I just think they need to understand it’s not their place….”

1960’s Interview with former leading NAZI “… well you don’t understand, you see, I did not know why they were in prison, they could have been a criminal or a Jew, they were in prison and I used their labour on….”

1970’s Interview with ‘everyday Kiwi’ about a leading NZ Activist “… Mr Hart just needs to let it be, we have no place interfering in politics and sport in South Africa….”

1980’s Herbert Fitzpatrick (joke name I suspect – given it was for the Homosexual Law reform bill.) TVNZ interview.   “…they can put whatever they like in whoever they like, just not around me, or in my house.”

1990’s Interview with an NZRFU official after the President of SARFU announced they would no longer allow the Maori All Blacks to tour as it is a racially selected team.   “…yeh well we’ll see about that won’t we, when we won’t allow ….

2000’s  What do you expect after 9/11  (way too many to reference)

2010’s Maori MP in NZ.  “Yep, she can date, one but I’d disown her if she married one and she certainly can’t bring him to my house….”    

Once again seems history to be able to provide ample evidence from every decade of what a loving and forgiving blot on the landscape that is human kind  

From tomorrow Air NZ have advised their new landing greeting is: 

Nau mai ki Redneck Aotearoa

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