History Never Repeats?

Not long ago people used to worry about government surveillance. Only conspiracy theorists thought the government tracked people in real time. Today people are voluntarily tracking themselves for the government, with Bluetooth in real-time (which spy agencies have access to).

They think it’s OK because it’s for health reasons not any sort of government overreach….why can’t it be both? The practical reasons given are always legit sounding, no tyrant in history openly said “we want to monitor and murder you”, every tyrant I can think of used the proxy of “safety” to convince the masses X measure was required and for their own good. Why do people think it’s different this time?

The details are different but the principles and nature of power remains the same. Humans are just as corrupt as they ever were. People with no principles are deceived by surface presentation (the appearance or style of speech of a leader) rather than the substance of their actions. That is why history must repeat, there’s nothing new under the sun and wise people should learn from history.

Time makes no difference, it doesn’t exist, every tyranny has been “modern” relative to those experiencing it, so what happened under Mao, Lenin, Stalin or any other of Jacinda’s philosophical leaders can happen again. Democracy with no absolute human rights has no limitation on government, you either have limited government or limited people…

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