This is the madness that keeps on going

120+ staff gone!! All about health??

So why are doctors and nurses leaving their jobs. Because they know the risks and are not interested. Latest news is a plumber down Christchurch died after having the jab so he could keep his job. Condolences to his family ❤️

Adverse events vs flu vaccine is 36x more likely with Pfizer. 1000 adverse events vs 36000 and similar numbers of people jabbed. Also please note the language they use when commenting about vaccine propaganda. More likely. Less likely. Its been used in big pharma ads for a long time.

Local family with Covid. Auckland person fully vaccinated Passed it to family members. They tested positive then tested negative in 2nd test….

Have a think where this is going and whether you will be part of the problem or stand up for our falling freedoms.

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