Genuine questions being asked out there

Hi (accountant),  do I have to declare the income on a haircut on an unvaccinated person, ie a haircut that never happened?

Hi (accountant), as I no longer advertise on Escortify and have been seeing my regular clients all year, do I have to declare my income on appointments that ‘never’ happened?  

Hi (accountant) over lock-down I used my private function room for some illegal lock-in’s. I have some unvaccinated mates I am going to do this for,  do I declare that income?

Unvaccinated client.  As I am having private and public services denied to me, do I have to pay tax?

Interesting that for a government that as done everything to kill off the black markets (might be a  racist reference – woke woke woke (like coughing)), yesterday they created an environment where supposedly ‘second class’ citizens have no choice but to source services in some form a seedy under-world – how Soviet of them. 

Well I guess we are not queuing for shops, services and supermarkets.   oh we are? 

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