Disseminating Dr Guy Hatchard’s letter

Part 2 – The Risk of Vaccine Adverse Events

The opening of the letter dated November 20, 2021 is the following paragraph

“Yesterday morning I woke up to some unwelcome news. My best friend from university days has passed away. He was an active fit man looking forward to enjoying retirement. Early on he had a mild stroke, his heart became inflamed and the valves were damaged, unfortunately his immune system was too depleted to respond to treatment. His story is familiar in these Covid times and shared by millions, yet nevertheless a deeply personal tragedy for his family. He was doubly vaccinated.”

As many are starting to wake up to, there are adverse reaction to the vaccines. The question is, is it justifiably acceptable? You know, the greater good and omelettes require broken eggs and all that,” but how many broken eggs are an okay amount. And can we really call these vaccines safe and effective?

Let’s look at Dr Hatchard’s experiances prior to his best mate dying.

“By late August I had become aware that a number of my friends and friends of friends had suffered illness at some point following vaccination. My best friend at university was one of these, he never did have Covid, but he was doubly vaccinated.

I exchanged a number of emails with my government advisor correspondents on this topic. I provided details of specific serious events including death proximate to vaccination, and quoted studies documenting vaccine adverse effects such as myocarditis. I was met with a vigorous defence of the safety of vaccination.

One of my correspondents wrote of social media reports (often the last resort of people injured by vaccination)

“I have learnt the hard way, that the vast majority prove to be fictitious, and as such will have no bearing on my perspective.”

This was misguided prejudice, pure and simple. Another conceded:

“There is certainly well documented clotting association with the vector-based vaccines,”

but maintained this was not common enough to cause concern.
Did the Skegg Committee have the myopathy associated with narrow disciplines? Michael Baker however shared my concerns and responded:

“I am hoping that the intense surveillance of adverse events following immunisation will give us a good steer about the risk of these events.”

I researched the NZ reporting procedures to which he referred (known as the CARM system) and found to my dismay that these were voluntary. Under normal circumstances a new vaccine arriving on our shores would have already undergone rigorous long term testing. As a consequence, adverse events following vaccination have never been significant and the relevance of the CARM system has been largely academic and of little concern to GPs, hospital staff, and Medsafe (the ultimate NZ authority). Vaccines are assumed to be safe. Such is the reassurance and power of the word ’vaccine’, mRNA covid vaccine adverse events have been grossly unreported. Many people suffering adverse reactions have been sent home with the advice that they may be overly anxious. Some reactions are readily dismissed as unrelated coincidences. Moreover hospitals and GPs are often at a loss to suggest treatment options.”

Unfortunately this is how adverse reactions are met with from doctors all over the world. It seems they don’t want to know or are so caught up in the safe and effective message that they are cognitively dissonant to anyone who approaches dr’s with adverse reactions. Kyle Warner the cyclist was prescribed anti depressants when he presented with myocarditis among other conditions.

“On August 19 vaccination was made available to 12-15 year olds. This again resulted from a vaccination bias. People under thirty are at minuscule risk from covid, but they are at risk from vaccination. The point of vaccinating the young is not to protect them, they will be better served by the strong immunity gained after recovering from the illness rather than the very short term protection from vaccination. The point of vaccinating the young is to protect their parents in case they bring the illness back from school. There is an argument here that vaccination will expose children to a greater risk than covid. The research data is equivocal on this point and not in any way conclusive of benefit. Despite this, the government Covid messaging took a new turn. Young people were appearing in adverts to assure the public that they had received the vaccine and it was both safe and beneficial. No mention was made of the high risk of myocarditis (a serious illness) among especially vulnerable young men and boys.”

Yep people who have virtually no chance of any harm coming to them from the virus, are being told it is safe and effective to be jabbed where they actually have a higher chance of adverse effects.

“On September 21st Jacinda Ardern emphatically claimed that those who refuse vaccination would face no penalties at all. Curiously Ardern added:

“anyone who doesn’t take up an effective and trusted and safe vaccine when it becomes available, that will come at a risk to them.”

Clearly at this point, since it was available, Ardern knew that the Pfizer vaccine did not fit all the criteria: effective, safe, and tested. In actuality we were to find out soon enough that it does not fit any of these criteria.

On October 3rd, realising that productive dialogue with my private correspondents was at an end, I wrote an open letter to Jacinda Ardern. This was very widely read and shared. In this, I discussed the uncertainties around vaccine outcomes and safety. I urged the government to adjust its message that vaccination would enable personal freedoms to be restored, and to broaden its message to include preventive approaches to improve health. I received no reply and my correspondents among government advisors ceased responding altogether. I had overstepped an unwritten rule—no doubts about vaccine safety were to be raised in public.

On October 11th Cabinet announced sweeping vaccination mandates for staff in the education and health sectors. From this point on, vaccine mandates were floated as the way ahead to the lifting of lockdowns and ‘freedom’.

Clearly between September 21st and October 11th something happened to radically change Ardern’s mind about mandates. She must have started to either believe that the Pfizer vaccine was both safe and effective or decided to ignore these criteria—her own pre conditions for mandates. From my earlier correspondence with government science advisors and their subsequent public comments, it seemed clear that they remained cautious about the wisdom of lifting lockdowns and should have been able to recognise the limitations of vaccine effectiveness. Business advisors less so, but even they were emphatic that they would defer to science advice.

And hasn’t the message changed. Who will ever forget Ardern’s bold agreement that she has purposefully created a two class system between those that have happily or forcefully taken the vaccine and those that have not.

There was a fundamental mistake in Jacinda Ardern’s perception and use of ‘science’. Science was being treated as a monolithic body of knowledge. In fact scientific disciplines contain competing ideas, paradigms, and theories. Separate disciplines have overlapping expertise but often their practice is so seperated that experts in different fields are unaware of each other’s conclusions. Ardern had come to rely on the advice of epidemiologists whose profession was dominated by a fear of infectious agents and a deep belief in vaccination.

What other factors influenced the change in government policy? Perhaps during this time political decisions began to take precedence over science. Clearly the natives were getting restless in Auckland which had been under near total lockdown for two long months. During this period Israel, the other country exclusively using the Pfizer vaccine, was in the middle of a surging third wave of cases and deaths. Therefore Ardern should have known that the vaccine was not effective enough to support her aim of control and elimination.

There was also a mistaken statistical and methodological idea that rolled over from early calculations of herd immunity. If the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine remained at 95% as was believed early on, herd immunity could have been achieved with 60% to 70% of the population vaccinated. As it became known that the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine waned, this figure was revised up to 95% and even to 99% by some. This would have been a powerful motivation for vaccine mandates. But the calculation was in most respects inappropriate. Firstly the vaccine allowed transmission rather easily and secondly real world data showed that even countries with 100% vaccination like Gibraltar and Portugal were experiencing waves of covid infection. Also vaccine effectiveness drops to zero after 7 months, completely negating any possibility of herd immunity. This left the justification for mandates clinging on to one last hand hold—vaccines reduce hospital admissions. Our overstretched health service might just need this in order to cope. The significance of this pales in the face of a hard truth, covid mortality is still primarily related to comorbidities and age. Smokers, diabetics, immune compromised persons, the elderly and infirm, and the unhealthy are most at risk.

Podium of truth didn’t tell us about that now did they. But it gets worse…

“This is compounded by something disturbing hidden in real world data, figures published by UKSHA showed that for individuals over 19, the rate of transmission was almost twice as high among the vaccinated when compared to the unvaccinated. These calculations should have sounded alarm bells. They didn’t, they were rejected as obviously false, a rejection that had no basis in science. Some experts in genomics however have taken them very seriously and have begun to research biochemical pathways and mechanisms which would possibly allow vaccination to facilitate susceptibility. This underlines the as yet unknown and the ‘in progress’ research projects. Any government rigidly enforcing mandates and speaking in absolutely certain terms, as Ardern is, has lost the thread of the science.

Did the government take advice from Medsafe on safety? Did Medsafe’s reluctance to classify reported adverse effects and deaths as related to vaccination convince her that the Pfizer vaccine was safe? Medsafe is a member of the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA). ICMRA is well connected to the commercial vaccine industry and was known to be writing pro vaccination covid policy statements which were distributed to its members via the data sharing channels ICMRA had established.

“If Ardern had consulted with other governments, she may well have found they shared similar views about mandates just because the same policy papers of ICMRA had found their way to every government desk—a phenomenon well known in network theory. ICMRA had since its formation in 2015 cemented a central place in the medical regulatory network (known as a centrality effect). In effect it had created an unbalanced network, whereby all medicines regulatory bodies around the world were receiving the same information and advising their political decision makers in the government accordingly. Political decision makers however were unaware of the centrality of ICMRA policy briefings. If one Government head were to speak to their counterpart in another country they would be gratified and reinforced to find that they had similar ideas about mandates. If they spoke to several at an international meeting of heads of state, they would be reinforced many times over in an opinion that had actually been fed to all of them by a single vested interest. This phenomenon is known as reflection in network theory and systematically creates network bias.”

This is what a lot of people don’t realise is going on with these global organisations such as the WHO etc. It is common for people to brush off comments that go against the governments narrative by simply claiming that you can’t get everyone in the world to fabricate information like this.

You can if everyone is getting their info from one source (sound familiar)everyone has the same song sheet.

Some countries did things a little differently than others, but when it comes to vaccines most messages around the world mirror each other.

In the next edition we will learn how an urgent need is required to make adverse effects reporting mandatory. It gets way worse.

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