Interesting or Not

Even though the law was passed last week, tomorrow the majority of our population meekly and subserviently move into formalised and active discrimination. 

Over yesterday and today various organisations in which I hold active and/or honorary memberships have sent out their rules as to how they intend to comply with NZ’s equivalent of the Nuremburg Laws,  passed by the November criminals.

While I have been sending out resignations as appropriate, I considered how many of these organisations bent over backwards to facilitate smokers (on the grounds it was their right to smoke) but are happy making no provision for the unvaccinated or those who are becoming my heroes, those who simply absolutely refuse to disclose their private medical status to anyone else and are suffering along with the unvaccinated..      

Where is the difference?  The choice? The vaccine?  The durrie?  

Oh well, I guess I will be sending the 30K I spend annually with clients on Entertainment and Sponsorships, to my overseas investment fund (cant have these clowns benefitting from my savings)   


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