Sad day, same bird different wing.

The only good aspect of this post were many of the comments called this for what it is. National support the apartheid.

I had high hopes for Erica but whilst I was prepared to cut her some slack on supporting striking students for climate change. Promoting this shit is poorly thought through. Seems some of her followers agree…

Now I know for every complainer there is 7 or 8 people under the ether of this vaccine propaganda, but it doesn’t excuse the division, fabrication of the truth and the purposeful vilification of those that don’t consent. Not for a big that is 99.6% of a threat and only to those that are very unwell.

Every day medical practitioners are waking up to the fallacy that is a safe and effective vaccine.

Don’t get me wrong there is such a thing as a safe, effective and tested vaccine. This vaccine doesn’t satisfy any of those 3 requirements.

More letters being written, more warnings of the mistakes and for every medical professional that tries to wake people up to the insanity, a politician further restricts the liberty of its people. Germany is about to start fining those who are unvaccinated.

With zero opposition to this Tyranny what will stop that occurring here. Obviously Mrs Stanford will not be standing g on the way.

And those masks, masks that have been proven to be useless against stopping the respiratory disease. Guess where billions of those are going Erica? That’s right into the ocean.

A sad day it is when supposedly intelligent people gleefully post their support of apartheid on social media.

I hope you wake to what you are doing, many are. I look forward to your awakening.

But until then, Shame on you Erica.

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