How to manage COVID and vaccination data with mental gymnastics.

If they…

1. Die from Covid and are unvaccinated = covid death

2. Die with covid from pneumonia but are unvaccinated = covid death

3. Die from covid and vaccinated in vaccine trial = pneumonia was cause of death

4. Die in vaccine trial but received placebo = covid death

5. Die in vaccine trial from adverse effects = disqualified from trial

6. Die from gun shot wound and posthumously test positive to covid = covid death

7. Are vaccinated and die from a heart attack within a few hours to days from receiving vaccine = inconclusive but unlikely from vaccine

8. Are vaccinated and alive – no privacy issues with disclosing vaccination status.

9. Are unvaccinated and died from covid = disclosing vaccination status not a privacy issue

10. Are vaccinated and died from covid – vaccination status disclosure is a privacy issue

11. Are unvaccinated = go get effective vaccine

12. Are double vaccinated = vaccine no longer effective get more vaccinated.

This may seem like a joke but it is how the data is recorded.

On the Pfizer trial more people with the vaccine died than with the placebo but suddenly that was pneumonia not covid.

Funny how the data recording changes depending g on the circumstances.

All in the name of safe and effective

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Leper_boy December 3, 2021
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Awesome! Sums it all up in one post. This will be my go to story in the inevitable discussions being had around this crap over Xmas time. PlanetB is a one stop shop for all necessary information. Cheers guys keep it up!!