The return of the Flu

Sweden has done such a good job with the Corona Virus that the Flu feels safe to return.

Nothing like getting on top of an invasive species to get the native fauna to rebuild their numbers

So is this welcome news? I guess it is if you are a flu vaccine manufacturer. Being jabbed is so popular at the moment there may be a two for one special Pfizer could bring out for Christmas.

Get double jabbed and a flu jab thrown in for good measure.

When I used to get my annual flu jab, so many used to tell me it was a waste of time. It’s only 50% effective at best, it is last years strain so will not protect you, all sorts of reasons as to why. The funny thing is I have never had the flu. I probably had my first flu jab at the age of about 35 and before that day or after, I don’t believe I have ever had the Flu. Not a bad dose of it anyway. The long and short of it is I will never know if the 15 years of flu jabs helped me or not. However, how have peoples attitudes towards vaccines changed?

The ones that never bothered getting a flu jab are now some of the biggest advocates of Covid Vaccines. Ironically many of those that were once passionate about the benefits of vaccine are now more skeptical.

A doctor once said that Antivax Doctors are usually a lot more educated on viruses and vaccines than most other doctors. It is an interesting statement and one that for some reasons would be true.

How most doctors, who don’t specialise in something more technical such as microbiology, learn their trade is very much a monkey see monkey do process. That is they learn the passed-down knowledge that has been accepted into the syllabus where they learn.

This in itself is a pretty standard education model, but it does mean that there are areas of knowledge that are destined to become “group think’ in nature.

Someone like Siouxsie Wiles is a research professor, who rather than just spouting the regurgitated knowledge from med. school, she is actually testing the paradigm of medicine. It’s just a shame that she is compromised through her political connections and self promotion desire to be a celebrity.

However, the point being that there are those that recite the medical knowledge that we have garnered at the time they stopped studying, and those that continue to test the unknown. Doctors have the same, if not more opportunity to jump down rabbit holes, as the rest of us. Vaccines and viruses certainly provide many doctors with such rabbit holes.

To this day there are highly educated professors who deny the existence of the measles virus. Largely due to it has never been proven to exist, but this is a debate for minds much sharper than mine.

Having worked in various capacities at a learning hospital, it is amazing how much we still have to learn. Being exposed to the weekly “oops we got it wrong” sessions AKA the Grand Round, you soon learn the shortcomings of our diagnostic abilities. This “Grand Round” is where the doctors present cases that they had failed to diagnose the issue of a person presenting with an ailment, most of the time ending in a fatality and having the treating doctor sharing the outcome of what they tried. Thus advancing our knowledge in that age old way of, if you fail try, try again.

One of the first lessons/realisations anyone who studies medicine at the same time as working in a hospital is – avoid getting sick, there is no guarantee there is a cure for your ailment.

So back to the Flu

As you can see from the graph above Sweden is welcoming back the Flu. The reality is the Flu will return in places where there is a significant rate of natural immunity towards the COVID-19 virus.

The Flu mysteriously disappeared from everywhere which lead a lot of people to believe that the COVID pandemic was just the flu rebranded.

The return of the flu will diminish this belief and this disappearance phenomenon is due to the replacement of viruses by a more dominant virus. A bit like how Omicron is about to replace the Delta.

This slight reemergence of the flu could be quashed by something like the Omicron, as the numbers so far are pretty small.

It seems we are at a cross roads in the ever changing COVID world. We may see a collapse of the Delta to make way for a surge of flu illnesses (I wonder if we will see everyone dashing out for a flu jab). Or we could see the Omicron wipe the floor with both the Flu and Delta. Who knows.

What will Santa bring us? by Christmas we should be well aware of what is going on as the Omicron is definitely more transmissible than the delta, but what will the Flu have to say about all this?

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