Here’s How You Can Unite!

Freedom Fighters everywhere – we need your help to share this new APP far and wide. You are NOT powerless to fight back against this oppression. You HAVE the power to HELP!

The Green Book has been designed to help the Freedom Fighter economy. By making conscious decisions to support businesses who refuse to be collaborators to government tyranny, we can ensure that these businesses not only survive, but thrive!

Even taking the govt’s conservative estimates – our numbers are somewhere around 500k – if we all make an intentional decision to only spend our dollars within this community, here is the power of our impact.

With an average spend of $25 per week (that’s a couple of coffees and a cake to share once per week) – we can circulate over $600 million dollars per annum in this economy!!


Brand new app for Businesses and services supporting kiwis freedoms.

You can download app here:

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