It’s bad news good news Monday

At least it is in the Herald

A single article on the herald app splits the articles on the Omicron. The article splitting the two headlines below is about what Northlanders think of the arrival of Aucklanders to their region.

Sounds bad doesn’t it? However once you have given yourself the heebee jeebees and fear of the Omicron, you can embrace it’s presence with some good news on it.

The herald was previously busy sending fear that it’s now the children that need to be concerned, as the Omicron puts young children in hospital.

A fact so distorted it should be labelled fake news

Trying to quash the news that the variant is mild the following social media post from a “world-renowned” none the less epidemiologist.

“World-renowned Harvard-trained epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding responded to the news on social media.”

“Mild my ass,” he wrote. “The ‘highly transmissible’ Omicron variant is putting disproportionately large numbers of children under the age of 5 years old in hospitals.”

What is the real story?

Out of 1,511 hospitalisations the under nnes make up 113, and the kicker, all of them are considered mild and are being kept over night simply to ensure they can be monitored given the hospitals aren’t being over run. Sounds real bad

Here is the ever reliable Dr John Campbell on the real data.

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