Imagine releasing a product that doesn’t properly do what you promised it would do

Then blaming the malfunction on people who did not purchase said product… whilst telling those who bought it that they must buy it again every few months.

Now imagine you also have to buy the product to keep your current job… Perhaps even to go to a concert, gym, or shop. And if you criticise or even question the efficacy of the product or its rollout, you get insulted, slandered, and perhaps deplatformed.

Imagine that if the product hurts you, then you are not allowed to sue the manufacturer… They have full legal immunity. In fact, even if it hurts you, you are told you must buy it again, or you’re a bad person. It’s actually taboo to even talk about the fact that it hurt you.

Also, imagine the manufacturer of this product had to pay out one of the biggest lawsuits in history, due to dishonesty and malfeasance. And they don’t want to give the public full data about the product and research for another 75 years.

Of course, this is all hypothetical. Nobody would consider this a realistic nor reasonable way to handle any product. Merely working on my fiction writing skills for a future dystopian novel, set in a time when humans have gone mad and nothing makes sense.

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