Natural Immunity Confirmed Superior

The Power of Natural Immunity

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As you can see from the chart above cases per 100,000 of infection from recovered patients versus twice vaccinated people has the natural immunity having 7 times lower risk of infection after 4 to 8 months. Unlike the debunked CDC study the Israeli data is by far a larger study group and is comparing apples with apples.

Even more promising for natural immunity is that the vaccine protection decreases to zero after about 6 months, Natural immunity remains high even beyond 12 months.

The big question of the need for vaccination after recovery, one the CDC has been saying is a must, is shown to be totally unnecessary in the turquoise bar above. Thus vaccinating children and athletes in particular after recovery is only exposing them to harm such as myocarditis.

And the real kicker and something that I have spoken about as a concern for some time is the vaccinated people after recovery do less well than unvaccinated. This is where the vaccine spike protein induced immunity suppresses aspects of our natural immunity.

The above article in the Journal of Infection discusses the impact on antigen production after the vaccine. in particular the potential reduction in anti-N antibodies.

As the vaccines are based on the proteins of the original wild variety and we rapidly have had the virus move away from this sequence. The risk is the vaccine induced response becomes counterproductive and lead to a greater infection. Also this could be magnified in the respiratory airways which recent studies have found the anti-N antibodies help to limit.

“The results by Goldberg et al. once again confirm the inappropriateness of “vaccine passports” and vaccine mandates. Nevertheless, for people at high risk of severe covid, vaccines offered significant protection against infection and severe disease for about half a year. Booster shots could prolong this protection, but they have become much less effective against the immune evasive Omicron variant.

It would appear that the jab is ideal to give to those at high risk and that good treatments should be available to use on those that are less at risk who develop the disease.

All treatments should be considered and not just those that the likes of Pfizer and Maersk can make a toon of profit with.

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