Scared Yet!

Having reviewed the TV One and Government position on ‘books’ I gasped at the incredulity of such statements.

Banning books is one step away from burning books.  The fact the newsreaders can read this stuff out and not be horrified shows that the qualification for becoming a reporter needs to be down-graded in Academia. 

Having watched JA’s contribution to the world forum on Democracy, in which she tried to sell the message that ‘Democracy’ has changed, I have fatefully and finally concluded we live in nothing more than an Banana Republic and quasi-Dictatorship.

Democracy has not changed.  By definition it cannot. What has changed is what a government (this government) tries to disguise as democratic, using phrases akin to, “…it’s the will of the people…”  Or “…you elected us to…..”

Where that gets further bastardised is when policy is set by some obscure set of values and whims, in truth valid only in the mind of the leaders of the state, or their close advisors, that then become the ‘will of the people’ (several times we have heard her say – “…it’s what people are telling me they want…” This is then further  justified on the grounds that they were ‘elected’ to do this or that (but they had almost no policy before the last election and what they had they have failed to provide – so we didn’t vote for what we have now)

Where this gets even scarier is when they take extreme or duplicitous measures to protect their views and their power.

We are still compiling our comparative list as to how Ardern’s behaviour is representative of a Dictator (Hitler in particular), but she just keeps adding to it daily.  

If we do indeed get to banning books, then other than going to war and providing cheap Vodka, there is nothing left for this Junta to emulate in its move to Communism or National Socialism.

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