Jacinda Ardern, Science and Covid Mandates – Events, Facts and Fallacies

A former member of the governments covid advisory group is blowing the whistle. The government ignored advice to encourage New Zealanders to take up healthier lifestyles to prevent serious illness.

They seem to have taken the view that the vaccine was a silver bullet very early and refused to hear any advice to the contrary.

This is a must read!


PM wrong on who 'deserves a break': Taylor | Otago Daily Times Online News
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Ron Tanengahere December 25, 2021
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Good on the learned Dr Hatchard. What he has written I estimated to be about 20 percent of the population already knows and he obviously does not know or has not taken into account that this is not about disease prevention or vaccinations. It is about the agendas, AI people, cashless society, population reduction and total world control.So is the brave Dr Hatchard going to do something about it to stop this madness or is he going to stick his head in the mud like most other people who are in a position that can do something about it.One of the frustrating things about all this is that there is no mechanism in society that can stop all this madness.People power can stop it in its tracks, but I am afraid that is not going to happen because there are just to many sheep out there. They will just keep taking the jab just so they can have their lives go back to normal.