The Futility of Government Intervention

Judgment day: Sweden vindicated

The Graph below shows the deaths from COVID-19 between Sweden and Austria. Austria was one of the most repressive nations in Europe and has now overtaken Sweden in total deaths.

It really proves that the steps taken by European governments to lock down their citizens to “protect” them from COVID was as futile

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Austria has been one of the most repressive European countries, implementing several lockdowns, school closures, far-reaching mask mandates and even an N95/FFP2 mask mandate, record-setting mass PCR testing and contact tracing, as well as early “vaccine passports”. Austria was also the first Western country to impose a “lockdown for the unvaccinated” and the first Western country to announce a general “vaccine mandate”.

Sweden simply told those that don’t feel well to stay home. Sweden has just adopted a vaccine passport this month but prior to this they had no lockdowns, no elementary school closures, no mask mandates, no “vaccine passport” and very limited testing and contact tracing compared to Austria and many other Western countries.

How compatible are the two countries to put these results in prospective?


  • Population 10.4 million
  • Median age 41
  • Life expectancy 82.4 years
  • Vaccination rate 72%
  • Obesity rates 20.6%
  • Single households 40%
  • ICU capacity 1.9 per 1,000


  • Population 9 million
  • Median age 44.4
  • Life expectancy 81.6 years
  • Vaccination rate 70%
  • Obesity rates 20.1%
  • Single households 36%
  • ICU capacity 5.3 per 1,000

Pretty even across the board with the exception of Austria having a far greater ICU capacity.

It shows the Government intervention has not done anything to reduce the casualties and the steps they are taking are just misguided cruelty.

“Of note, this is not just “post-hoc knowledge”: with the exception of school closures (which are effective against influenza), it had long been known that all of these “interventions”, including masks and contact tracing, are ineffective against respiratory virus epidemics. Concerning face masks and N95/FFP2 masks, the question is not if they are effective in theory or in some lab experiment, but if they make any difference in the real world – and the answer is no.”

There was only one situation in which lockdowns were a rational intervention: as a preemptive measure in support of early border controls. This situation applied primarily to some islands, such as Australia, New Zealand and Iceland, and possibly to Norway, Finland, Denmark and parts of China.

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