Where are the JAFA’s

Tourism operators around the country, in particular the Far North and Queenstown report a noticeable  absence of Aucklanders spending money in their respective over-priced shit h*les.

Lets go back a few months.  Queenstown citizens dobbing in Aucklanders to the cops.  The mayors of the various Central Otago wards openly saying we don’t want Aucklanders down here.  Well guess what?  No one from Auckland brought you Covid , you were nice and mouthy, and now we are still not going to bring you Covid (or our money either,  Baaa Baa Baa) 

Far north,  basically the same but not the mayors, the activists this time, who’s wishes were ratified by the November Criminals legalizing illegal roadblocks.  Who wants to show a ratified ‘crim’ your personal medical information.   

But let’s be fair.  What these rants really highlight, aside from these people just being hypocritical dicks,  is the acute lack of financial awareness prevalent in NZ (inclusive of the Treasurer).  Approximately 35% of the largest population pool have been surviving on reduced income and increased costs.  Combine this with targeted government policies that are extracting wealth from the population and reducing the availability of ‘free cash’ eg over 40% of all residential landlords reside in Auckland  and are experiencing cash constraints, then there is simply no spare money to prop up the rest of the country (perhaps they can get Fat-boy and Cindy to ask their billionaire friends for some loot while they are at her wedding – even she’s not supporting the provinces – I think the Chinese are tapped out)  .      

Basically the lack of domestic spend is likely to be indicative of two behaviors – less cash and perhaps more likely, really a lot of people cant be arsed dealing with the mask and Covid pass crap (once again well done Cindy) 

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