People still don’t understand

Without even touching my conspiracy theory gene, I heard a person sounding off in a Newmarket cafe, very loudly espousing their views as to how dangerous the unvaccinated are.  

Not meaning to interrupt but she clearly wanted the whole cafe to hear how important she was, or at least have an argument, so from the immediately adjacent table I asked How exactly are they dangerous and therefore more dangerous? Well all the experts say they  are and my friend…- let me stop you there and I enquired – how does this vaccine work? I aksed.

Well it …, ar ar,  So I helped her by saying if you read even our newspapers (which I added in ‘are crap in this country’) the vaccine, such as it is, is supposed to internally trigger an immune response as your immune system recognises the spike protein, is that about it? I quisically put it to her,  Well yes was the reply.

So if the vaccine is set to trigger an internal response, how does anything anyone does in your external environment impact on you getting the disease?  then it happened,  so you are unvaccinated aren’t you?  Lady we are sitting a  cafe where they are anally retentive about checking passports so I guess your next step is to admit you’re ignorant, or shut up and let me enjoy my cup of tea.   She got up and left… go figure

Proof positive the Pandumbic is more prevalent than any pandemic 

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Barb January 6, 2022
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That didn't happen did it schmee? 
Old.Mickey.Blue.Eyes January 5, 2022
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very similar to conversations I have had over last two weeks.  When I suggested reading the released papers from FDA on the EUA the reply I got was " there is so much to read".  you can't help everyone....have you guys had a site glitch? no posts yesterday and all posts today have yesterday's date,