Wiles and Hendy PR Darlings

The Herald published an article yesterday indicating that Wiles and Hendy are taking their employer to task for not doing enough to ‘protect’ them from a lunatic fringe (Pots and kettles, as far as I see it, but…)

Raises a couple of issues.  Knowing the REST model (Research, Entrepreneurship, Service & Teaching – yes teaching comes last) academics use, I strongly suspect their role as government advisors  falls into their Entrepreneurship time (I doubt they did this for free), and as such it is not their employers responsibility to ‘protect’ them.  The have both admitted to receiving both fees and research grants from the Clown Circus and so are not independent can the try not hold themselves out above criticism.

Further it helps if they had a bit of technical ability or integrity (or both). Hendy has not gotten a single estimate with 1000% of one of his singularly pro fear policies, which allows us to criticise his desire to publish and to be honest the underlying integrity of his qualifications (it does highlight getting a Master or PHD is more about the process that the outcome. 

Wiles is her own worst enemy,  having published a youtube video on why masks don’t work she then goes to the beach during a level 4 Lock-down and watches as her ‘friend’ takes a swim.  

If I was their employer I would have them fairly well through the structured dismissal process.

And people wonder why we criticise our supposed experts.

At last the UK are arriving at what Israel arrived at 6 months ago, ie you have to encourage your population to look after themselves and just get on with it’ 

And the Herald seems to have ‘accidentally published’ the following; 

We can’t vaccinate the planet every six months, says JCVI chief

“…Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), said “we need to target the vulnerable” in future, rather than giving boosters to all over-12s.”

Well the rest of the world are on to it, I guess that is where all our medically qualified people go to work.

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