COVID response ruins a good walk

So I have this argument with, sports clubs,  bars and café owners.  Firstly the Vax card mandate is a breach of UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and pretty soon I suspect will be proven to be a direct breach of the Nuremburg Protocols.

So back to the argument. Accepting these entities are happy complying with a mandate issued by the November Criminals and their accessories, I asked how are they intending to provide services to the un-vaxed or those that chose not to declare their vaccination status?

Every café/bar owner and committee has screamed they don’t have to.  

OK their choice.  So I raised this point with two of the clubs I (im) politely resigned from (something about shoving something up some collective arses – I can’t remember my exact words)   How did you provide for Smokers when the law changed?  That’s is different they cried, how so I retorted?  Covid Kills,  ah ha but so does smoking, so I pointed out that in Sweden with uncontrolled Covid in 2021 there were 9,441 deaths from Covid and 23,485 deaths from smoking related cancers, so I restate my question,  what are you going to do to facilitate your paying members who chose not to disclose their confidential medical information? 

Conclusion:  I no longer play golf (bugger)

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