Cocaine Clarke Strikes Again!

Name dropping is not new, we’ve all witnessed it happening, it’s just not a good look when the Prime Ministers drug taking playboy partner is lying to a pharmacist over the phone in his capacity as the PM’s main squeeze about an apparent new policy which sees his good mate, DJ Dimension skirt the rules on testing! Yep you read that right, Clarke “ive got a nose full of candy” Gayford literally tried to tell a Pharmacist over the phone that his mate (that was a close contact of DJ Dimension) was all good due to an apparent change in the rules that they had yet to be advised on. Now Clarke suggests he is “sorry for the confusion” Oh there was no confusion mate, it’s 100% clear you think the rules don’t apply to you!

The health professional was having none of it & here we are! DJ Fuck Knuckle who made himself famous by ignoring the isolation rules but a few weeks ago & ruined a bunch of peoples summer break who incidentally wasn’t worthy of ONE SINGLE PENATLY now has a friend trying to use Gayford to help him avoid isolation!!! Well done Clark with an E, obviously he either thinks all of this is a load of nonsense & or he does not care too much for the good folk of New Zealand.

You’re the perfect couple!

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern announces plans to marry Clarke Gayford |  World | The Times

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