Gender Pay Gap?

Listening to 1ZB talkback radio as I typically do week days & they are discussing women being under paid with no mention of non binary folk. The GPG is largely a load of nonsense that has come back into the political arena since Labour came back into power, surprise surprise!

Now for the record, I totally support any individual to navigate life how they see fit & I respect their personal decisions, just don’t get angry & pear shaped re prouns unless you are wearing a rather obvious sign around your neck. It’s unrealistic to expect wider society to know at a glance, OBVIOUSLY I would have thought!

Now with that aside the so called “gender pay gap”, interesting how the conversation is BINARY! Talkback is awash with anecdotal stories of women saying there is no such thing in their lives & in fact some are reporting they are tougher negotiators the men at their work place & actually secretly get paid more than the blokes in the same roll! And that’s how it should be! If you know your worth, man, women, non binary etc it’s irrelevant what others get paid! It’s up to you to know what you are worth & ask the boss! As an employer myself I would suggest you work your ass off & remind your boss of how good you are then ASK FOR A PAY RISE!

One of my staff had a $2 an hour pay rise without him even asking last year because he works his ass off for me & this year i’m buying him a car! Why? Because he has demonstrated that I cannot operate without him! Want a pay rise? Then act like the business you are working in is yours then remind the boss how invaluable you are!

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