What are we over loaded with.?

Stuff Headline Covid-19: Omicron will overwhelm an ‘already overwhelmed system’, doctor fears


With 34 people in hospital with COVID and 2 in ICU, the question is what is overloading our hospital system?

A previous stuff article gives us a clue citing the same Dr John Bonning.

Bonning, who works on the frontline in Waikato, referred to alcohol-related injuries, summer drownings, and the holiday road toll – which saw a tragic 17 fatalities. For every road death, there are five serious injuries, he said.

So hospitals are overloaded from people doing stupid things. Something people have done since well before we even knew viruses existed. It wouldn’t be adverse reactions to vaccines now would it?

When it comes to near drowning events, 172 hospitalisation per year on average our countries ED’s have to deal with here. Mostly in summer so let’s call it an average of 57 per month over summer months.

The latest automobile accident data shows we have 4,363 hospitalisation due to road accidents including cars, motorcycles and pedestrians per year. 363 per month https://www.ehinz.ac.nz/assets/Factsheets/Released_2020/Road-traffic-injury-hospitalisations.pdf

Binning claimed for each of the 17 road fatalities there are 5 people hospitalised. That’s 85 in the past 3 weeks. That equates to 1,473 per year. So a decrease?

How many Adverse reactions have we had to the vaccines. Remember every reaction is filed by a medical professional of some kind, and the ones labelled serious will undoubtedly end up in an ED somewhere in NZ.

The last adverse event report covering early December till the end of December covering just under 4 weeks saw 4,396 adverse reactions filed by medical personnel. Of these 314 were serious. Funny how these ED admissions don’t get a mention.

To date there has been 2,015 serious adverse reactions, countless more presenting to Emergency Departments with “unrelated” issues, these being anyone who’s adverse event occurs more than 2 weeks post their jab.

Myocarditis usually takes several weeks to be detected where it will struggle to ever make the adverse reaction list.

And why can’t these hospital departments keep up with people going to the Emergency Department?

I would hazard a guess we are hugely understaffed, which has only been exacerbated by the firing of the “antivax” medical staff that everyone is busy calling idiots.

In many countries COVID positive fully vaccinated medical personnel are being required to work shifts while negative tested unvaccinated medical professionals are banned from working.

I thought we reached peek stupidity years ago, but I guess we have a long way to go.

To be fair it is also a shortage of staff due to Labours useless immigration regulations, but this only makes the ban on the unvaccinated being able to participate in society completely ridiculous.

What a shame the vaccines don’t work.

But good news we can now give the iniffective and dangerous experimental gene therapy to our under 12’s. Many wil rush out and the sudden increase in

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