So they prosecuted the couple who flew to Wanaka, but an international DJ who breaks the rules gets off scot free.

It’s either discrimination or elitism when the law isn’t applied in equal measures. In this case it seems that a favour has likely been granted based on Cindy and Clarkes friendship with RnV founders.

Then we have Lorde skipping MIQ and seemingly not even having to isolate at home, just in time to perform at Ardern’s wedding.

FML the corruption is out in the open and the media just say nothing. Probably because they are receiving millions of dollars from the government, also out in the open for all to see.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with these laws we must all surely agree that the law has to be applied equally.

Unfortunately we have a good number of New Zealanders who apply their values unequally, giving Jacinda Ardern a free pass to walk all over basic human decency.

Jacinda Ardern returns girl's 'dragon research bribe' - BBC News
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