If you got forced to take the jab to keep your job or got fired for refusing then this is going to piss you off a lot.

This is a visual representation of the Pfizer trial participants who contracted Covid. On the left are unvaccinated, on the right are vaccinated.

0.88% of the unvaccinated caught Covid.

0.04% of the vaccinated caught Covid.

If you calculate 0.88 minus 95.45% you get 0.04.

That is what “95% effective” actually means.

If you thought that it meant you wouldn’t catch Covid 95% of the time if exposed to it or something like that then you were mislead. The truth is you already had 98.12% protection naturally and the vaccine trials suggested it could bump you up to 99.96% a difference of just 0.84 or I might prefer the term “a bees dick”

So you lost your job or got forced to get jabbed over 0.84%

The other thing you might have noticed is that these numbers mean that only 170 people in the trials caught Covid.

Not exactly a big enough sample size to justify vaccinating the whole planet is it?

May be an image of text that says "162 out of 18,325 out of 18,198 Unvaccinated Risk= 0.88% Vaccinated Risk 0.04%"
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