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By Will Ryan

Today’s Clown World Comedy- PC idiots eating themselves.

A mask wearer advertises a job vacancy for their friends mask company. Great, you would think the slaves would looove this…

But, they made the fatal mistake of “gendering” the language by asking for a woman specifically. Shock horror, not only is that illegal but also racist, transphobic and just totally immoral!

Forget that the government specifically targets women, Maori and other groups, or that we literally have a Women’s business network on Waiheke, requesting that you want a man or woman for a job is unacceptable!

Yes we are now entering the twilight zone, people have abandoned common sense in favour of virtue signalling political correctness. These people would be great comedians if not so dangerous. The best times in history have literally created the weakest morons ever to exist who create problems over nothing because they don’t know what hardship is.

The only solace I take is knowing how hard the coming collapse and tyrannical world government is going to hit these people real soon!

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