What Planet do we want?

Bad people can do good things. Just look at Ardern, she once gave me a concerned look when my daughter fell over and burst into tears right in front of Ardern on one of her many “lets hang out with children” moments.

It was an amazing experience. As Ardern joined our walking group on the journey to our local school, my daughter, oblivious to the magnificence in our presence, ran out in front of our leader while crossing the Zebra crossing. Unfortunately not being as proficient at negotiating such an elaborate equine puzzle, my daughter tripped and fell in front of our illustrious leader.

I must add that this was prior to the Neve days, so Ardern was not as adept at dealing with such distressed child moments. However, I needn’t have worried. As she trotted by with her security detail in tow ,and while my daughter wailed in pain from her unanticipated skinned knees and elbows, Ardern noticed….. and I was touched.

In that flash I was blessed with one of those moment where the world stands still. As I looked up from the carnage of my daughter on the crossing designed for more than just Zebras, I was greeted with the acclaimed concerned face.

Our eyes met like the sun meets the sea at sunset. And as this magnificent beast passed in front of us, managing to not only delicately stroll by, but also in that moment Ardern presented one of the most concerned concerned faces I had ever seen. I then realised I was in a league above most mere mortals.

In true Ardern style there was no physical help, no assistance or a practical solution such as lifting my daughter up from her perilous position. it was simply a look of “Oh dear, how sad, never mind.” and as fast as it happened, it was over.

Forgotten like the leaves blown away by a civil servant and his noisy leaf blower. As she walked away I realised that she totally rejected the premise of that reality.

But my point here isn’t so much of how utterly pathetic Ardern is, its more about the fact that bad actors can sometime also do some good. I don’t have anything to suggest Ardern is doing any good anywhere soon whatsoever. But as for Russia’s Putin, I can make a claim that there is some good to his antics in Ukraine.

This is a tug of war between the wealthy elite globalists and the wealthy elite (not so) globalist.

Right now Putin has taken over from the disruption that was Trump.

We are being taken on a ride that is a massive global attempt at putting the social hierarchy back to where the elites liked it. Where the plebs are kept quiet and don’t take top so much room. A bit like when kings and queens ruled by decree and their commoners di what they were told.

Look at the truckers in Canada, the January 6 protest and our own garden occupation at parliament. all treated like common criminals for disagreeing with the elite.

We are being ushered into the great reset at an accelerated pace. Most have no idea what that means. To put it simply, it means less of us middle class people using up the worlds resources. A noble claim perhaps that you can get behind. Perhaps that is until you realise its your kind that are the first on the chopping block.

There is no room for a brazen middle class in the minds of our megalomaniacs, and whilst they have ruled out extermination (well up until the covid response) we are definitely on the “you will own nothing and be happy” programme. Whatever that means in real terms. I can’t read too many positives in those short 7 words, but hey – 7 is a lucky number – or so they say.

What do you think that means exactly? “You will own nothing and be happy” might seem like a far fetched silly bit of conspiricy theory from a German sounding half baked autocrat. But this guy has trained and indoctrinated world leaders such as Ardern, Macron, Trudeau, Bill Gates and many many many more business and political leaders. He has a program called ” future world leaders” of which many are in critical leadership rolls around the world

Putin, and before him, Trump, are imposters to this new regime. They are standing in the way of the globalist elite new order vision for the globe. You may have heard of the “Great Reset,” otherwise marketed as “build back better.” How many times have those words emitted from a politician in recent time?.

Build Back what exactly?

So is Putin a hero? probably not, not one that we would classify as a hero anyhow. However, he is a rather lonely figure holding back the tyrannical takeover we are experiencing today. With the ever increasing controls, restrictions and reduction in our rights. What have we fought for exactly, a world where we are to be silenced, cancelled and made to feel like we are the cancer on our very existance?

You only need to look at the COVID crisis, Climate change and the cancel culture censorship on life as we know it. We are conditioned to hate ourselves.

No not all hero wear capes and not all wealthy elite sociopaths are healthy to give power to.

If you want more lock downs, restrictions in movement and control over your every aspect of life. Then I guess you are in good company.

I personally fear we are in the dawn of an Orwellian future not even George Orwell could have imagined himself. At least he identified the enemy.

Most westerners have no idea the enemy lies within.

Well at least you have planet B eh?

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