Fat acceptance feminist “Healthy At Any Size”, lecturer and one of my inspirations Dr. Cat Pause Phd died this week of a heart attack, aged 36.

The internet is buzzing with condolence messages if anyone wants to do a search but I was one of the lucky feminists to get to attend a couple of her lectures in New Zealand. She was a beautiful soul and I’ll miss her dearly.

She proved beyond all doubt that there was no link between unhealthy bodies and obesity right to the end and in fact it was our perception of what we consider to be fat that was unhealthy and that was driven by straight white males, racism and gender bias.

Statistics show that if a woman is over 208 pounds she’s considered morbidly obese.

That means that if she’s 207 pounds then she’s perfectly slim and healthy because the so called “unhealthy weight”, is from 208 pounds.

So all a 208 pound woman has to do to be considered thin and healthy is visit the bathroom to grow a tail and that’s the pound less that makes her slim and healthy.

You see that’s the stupid logic created by the so called “science”, of straight white males riddled with patriarchy, it makes no sense at all does it? It’s a system created to gaslight women into thinking we’re fat so we are slaves to the fitness and diet industry.

I really feel like if Cat was a straight white male, she would be alive today because the patriarchy controls medical science which appropriates 99% of funding to male health and 1% funding to female health.

Sure they have “women’s hospitals”, which are a hotbed of transphobia, but that’s for another day. In this post I’m just remembering someone I admired a lot.

You’ll be missed Cat thankyou for your lectures.

This jar of Nutella I am eating is for you and I’m proud of it. xxoxo

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