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In 2016, all we heard 24/7 365 days, President Trump got 63 million with Russia help, right? …isn’t that what the Democratic Party has been spending millions trying to prove over the last 4 years but, he got 74+million this year without Russia help?

I’m surprised at how well Biden did in this election. Especially when you look at the demographics. He did great with non US citizens and Seniors aged 125-200.

Do people seriously believe that Jim Crow Joe got more votes than Obama and turned red states blue when the man could not fill a phone booth with supporters, and that he received more votes than any president in US history. Biden did not win …cheated! Look at the hearings and the facts!! He did not beat Hillary’s win in any counties or states, but the swing states! Sure nothing fishy about that.

These very same sheeple that cried for the past 4 years saying not my president and the same dem-o-rats claiming Russian interference expect us to swallow this BS. Now Jim Crow Joe wants everyone to calm down and talk. Unity? Seriously?

With mounting evidence the MSM and social media are starting to prove just how bias they are by ignoring proof and facts! It is a sad day in this country when our media is no better than the media in communist countries.

If they didn’t think President Trump has a chance at proving his case and winning this election, they wouldn’t be pushing so hard to destroy evidence and have the media do damage control by not reporting about the election fraud.


Wouldn’t it be simpler for Georgia’s State Legislators to assume their powers than to go through Kemp’s Audit?

Lets be clear, you can’t audit signatures on mail in ballots. The signature was on the envelope that was thrown away at the time of opening. Now that the evidence is gone. And yet again, another law kicked to the curb. This is where the constitution kicks in. Kemp is just trying to save face or time.

Lets face it, without the audit trail to verify the signature… the ballots should be thrown out! But you and I both know what is coming.

My fellow Republicans:

Sidney Powell stated “if they are stupid enough to certify fraudulent election results.” That state has many reason for elected officials to be removed and imprisoned.

And don’t ya think Kamala Harris would have given up her Senate seat by now. Didn’t Obama give up his seat right away when he got elected? Let that sink in.

On that note..

States can not argue with what the constitution says! How can they not allow anything when they have to follow the constitution, the left are not even arguing at this point, they are just being ignorant with lots of arrogance.

Anyone denying there was a massive and deliberate operation to steal this election are willfully blind and condoning the destruction of election integrity in the future. It isn’t all about who won… it’s about the abuse and manipulation of the system.

The 2020 fraudulent election is on it’s way to the SCOTUS. Constitutional minded judges will throw out the election results and give back to the state one vote. More red than blue.

See you 1/20/21 …

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