3% fraud in Arizona

Funny what an audit can find.

A judge in Arizona allowed the GOP to inspect 100 random ballots to check for any issues.

The judge ordered the audit in the name of fairness.

Funny how the Democrats are fighting so hard to stop any auditing of the vote, but perhaps Arizona gives us a peek as to why.

Upon inspection, 2 votes were removed from Trumps tally and 1 added to Biden.

This has now given the GOP the right to inspect more ballots. The state only had Biden ahead by a margin of .05%.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to work out that if this margin of error (fraud) continues at 3% then the state of Arizona flips to Trump.

3% is 90,000 votes.

The votes inspected were duplicate votes, which were votes that were manually redone due to the original being damaged in some way. So this may not reflect the total vote. It certainly does prove that not all was right with the Arizona count though.

It’s now becoming a matter of which state will flip first.

Funny how Fox News called Arizona while people where still standing in line to vote.

Perhaps it was a message for the counters to get flipping.

More hearings are showing more and more issues with counting.

Will do an update on some very interesting testimony from yesterday’s Michigan hearing.

Things are happening people.

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