3 Waters Simply Explained

You have an asset that you and your family has spent decades paying for

• You pay a small fee each year to pay for the upkeep of the asset to be able to use it

• Someone comes and tells you that they will buy your asset for 10% of its value but you will still be able to use it• They tell you that they will pay you in 3 years the 10% value of the asset

• They then tell you they are going to borrow the funds to pay you in 3 years but you are going to have to pay them for the loan, the interest and the team of people they will put in place to manage the asset because you are going to use it. So in short you are paying for your asset twice

• They also point out that they are going to have to charge you 10x the amount you paid each year for the upkeep of your asset

• They are going to give away half of the asset to someone else who has the ability to change the outcome to suit their own agenda which inevitably is going to cost you more money…….

And they tell us this is a really good idea and totally for your benefit……

Your Government in action working for that team of 5 million…unless you do the math and work out that its only the 15% proportional part of our population that will end up financially controlling the asset that you have already paid for……..

You will pay again and again and again!

Below is an actual gubbermint issued image.

Better water is better for everyone - Three Waters Reform Programme
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