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Experimental mRNA Vaccines. About as safe a spray-on Asbestos from the 50s. It’s safe until it’s not. And could give health effects on about the same time scale as Asbestos. NZ COVID 19 FACEBOOK page says that the Vaccines have been fully tested. That is an out and out 100% lie. Primate trials have been forgone, The Time Scale of monitoring for adverse and perhaps deadly side-effects can not have been done. Due to the CCP Virus only being within humanity for 10 months. (yes, it does feel longer, doesn’t it?) It’s because of the 24/7 – COVID Propaganda served up every few minutes. GET YOUR SPRAY-ON ASBESTOS TODAY – Save Granny, you dirty bag of virus. You dirty HUMAN. Remember no matter how hard the FASCIST GLOBALISTS from the United Nations try. You are NOT Guilty by default. You are NOT guilty of killing granny for not submitting to they cocktail of EXPERIMENTAL mRND in a syringe

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