Big is beautiful?

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Despite debt now projected to rise to 53.6% by 2023, with Finance Minister Grant Robertson yet to announce any plan to act on paying back the $50 billion+ borrowed by Jacinda Ardern throughout the COVID-19 pandemic (with NO fiscal oversize!!!) the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union has revealed a sum of $50,800 dished out by the Government towards a “month-long arts and events program about radical fat positivity,” authorised by Creative New Zealand.

Commentators were quick to point out the irony when in 2019 Health Minister David Clark commented: “The Government is serious about tackling obesity which affects about a million New Zealanders and their families, contributing to cancer, diabetes, amputations and heart disease” – before appearing to backtrack in 2020 and promote the concept of ‘fat acceptance’ at the cost of the taxpayer.

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