40% increase in death of working age people (update)

And it’s not COVID according to the insurance sector.


Last year a large Indiana insurance firm went public with the large increase in claims, now hospital reps are backing up this info.

While COVID deaths have halved in Indians both life insurance companies and hospitals are seeing a rise in death and also disability at larger rates than pre pandemic times.

ICU beds are currently running at high levels, occupied by approximately 37% COVID patients, and a whopping 54% are there for other conditions.

ICU is running at a much higher occupancy than is normal for this time of year and higher than pre vaccination times of the appearance of the virus.

Watching the truck protest in Ottawa this morning, very impressive I must add. They have cleverly invited a whole bunch of medical experts and scientists to speak at the event.

One of the speakers started talking about the 40% increase in insurance claims in the working age demographic and the sector has identified 3 areas where this increase has come from.

  • Suicide
  • Untreated or undiagnosed illnesses
  • Vaccine harm

All three are directly linked to the government response to the virus.

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