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The secret of Jacinda Ardern’s success lies in her conservatism says Bryce Edward! Oh really Bryce? So does that mean her supporters have been duped?

The biggest misconception about Jacinda Ardern is that she is a pioneering progressive or socialist. This is especially so outside New Zealand.

Bryce Edward goes on to say “Understandably the global media paint the prime minister as a counter to other, more rightwing or illiberal, leaders. Similarly many overseas progressive activists and intellectuals have seized on her as someone they can learn from in their search for a way forward for the political left”

That’ll be due to the constant lies I imagine. Ardern has said she’ll lead the most open, honest & transparent government ever whilst doing the exact opposite! Huge pre election lies of 100,000 homes etc. Ardern said she is different to any one before her & that she won’t lie in politics. History now shows us that is utter nonsense.


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