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This from Amanda Rose

OK so flipping fuming! Regarding the questions of deaths, funerals etc – I have commented before saying I am a funeral celebrant – well I had one today – the first for a quite a few months as I took a break. Big crematorium covers a wide area of South Norfolk North East and West Suffolk, was bursting at the seams in 2018 opening earlier and closing later – so they built another chapel in 2019 to cope – same thing. Last year, very quiet, today – just 3 services in the main chapel – where they usually have 10-12 a day.

Anyway I got on really well with two of the close family and we were hugging etc (at their request) afterwards but the third family member walked past standing the obligatory 2m away and started lecturing me about he has a friend on his death bed in hospital with CV and how I shouldn’t be going around hugging people!!! Honestly! I didn’t tell him to take his nappy off is face – first time someone has challenged me in that way – its quite frustrating – so much I could and wanted to say but had to bite my lip!

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