4am Jump

So with Trump tracking along at a good pace ready to take out the 2020 election things got a little interesting to say the least.

There has been no secret that on the election night Trump would look like he was winning, and then suddenly there would be a flurry of Blue votes.

Well they turned up at 4am in the morning. Trump picked it and said there better not be a whole lot of votes found at 4am.

“Well son of a bitch” Biden found 338,000 votes between Michigan and Wisconsin at 4am. MMMM could just be the way they count votes in these areas. Or it could be the plan they had ready if it was looking like things weren’t going Bidens way.

The grin on Bidens face at 1am certainly looked smug.

Safe to say that Trump will not be accepting defeat just yet. 2020 the year that keeps on giving.

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