4D Chess?

Wow, this U.S. election just keeps on giving. This battle for the executive branch is bringing some fascinating power plays, and a potentially dangerous divide to boot. It is no longer news we receive out of America; it is bulletins that are more akin to propaganda that wartime foes broadcast to gain an upper hand.

The battle for popular opinion is a what is coming thick and fast from the mainstream media. Two very different versions of reality exist out there, we will soon see a tranche of evidence from the Republicans to combat the full-scale propaganda emanating from the democrat-controlled press.

Who will bring the Trump card to this battle? Depending what team, you are parked in you are buying someone’s story.  The left team is calling Biden President Elect. If you are a Democrat supporter then this evidence is irrefutable however the reality is there is no decision that has been confirmed just yet.

Reading between the lines, we are potentially witnessing a very clever piece of revenge from Trump and his team. We often hear of Trump playing 4D chess and are we about to see a master class in tactics?

Trump has always been vocal about revenge. He makes a point of telling his would be followers that Revenge is a part of his operates mandi.

So this might be pure speculation on my part however it is worth sharing.  The following could be the play we are seeing

The first thing we need to understand is that if the election cannot be certified by the required date then the decision on who becomes President is in the hands of the Governors of the states.

Trumps team are busy throwing doubt on the credibility of the election result. If they can keep this up and stop the election results being certified then each state will have a vote on who is the next president.

If this happens it will be Trump declared the winner as the states are lead by Republican in a score line that is 31 Republicans to 19 Democrats. Trump only needs 26 of the 32 Republican governors to side with him and he wins.

Hence why the two sides are trying hard to win the popular opinion. With the MSM claiming Biden won and the recent reports of massive fraud by Trumps team

Stay tuned


Some Georgia counties are refusing to certify results due to memory stick found with uncounted votes.

This plays into team Trumps strategy.

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