50,000 Truckies ‘Freedom Convoy’ to protest Covid vaccine rules

Protesters and supporters against a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers cheer as a parade of trucks and vehicles pass through Kakabeka Falls outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario, on Wednesday, Jan. 26, 2022.

50,000 trucks and the convoy is 43 miles long

Mainstream media are trying to ignore the fact that a truck convoy that would stretch all the way from Silverdale to Drury are protesting, like no one will notice both the fact there is a lot of trucks not working and a lot of products not on the shelves.

At what point do these compromised dodgy politicians in North America realise they are on the wrong side of History? Mandating that solitary truck drivers, who spend hours on their own in a closed cab, need to be vaccinated for everyones sake. Well, it takes a special kind of stupid that one.

All the social media platforms, on queue, are silencing this. It seems the media are trying to hold back the great unravelling but it will soon be like trying to hold back a tsunami.

All those that are still obfuscating, you will be lined up for crimes against humanity

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