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By Geoffrey Toomey

I’m not an anti-vaxer, I get my annual Flu Vaccination because viruses mutate constantly, I’m 71, my brother Robert died of the influenza virus 32 years ago, and he was only 42, Hey, how many actual COVID death have been recorded in Australia in the past 12 months? 983 apparently, some Interesting Influenza Fast Facts

• Influenza (commonly known as “the flu”) is a highly contagious and potentially deadly disease that can be spread through coughing and sneezing.
• In Australia, influenza on average causes 1,500 to 3,000 deaths, about 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations each year.
• Influenza is caused by a virus and causes more severe illness than the common cold. It can cause serious and debilitating complications, including pneumonia, especially in people that are vulnerable such as the elderly and other in the “at risk” group.
• People with a chronic disease have a 40 times increased risk of death from influenza.
• Annual vaccination is the single most effective measure to prevent influenza.
• Only 42 per cent of the “at risk” group under 65 years of age are being vaccinated annually.
• Less than 50 percent of healthcare workers, who are at a greater risk of contracting and spreading influenza, are being vaccinated against influenza annually.
• 10 percent of all workplace absenteeism associated with illness is due to influenza.


also, I’ve been following the progress of the Globalists instrument the UN, since our government agreed to allowing the UN agents into Australia 29 years ago when they signed UN agenda 21, Global Government is the goal, one aim of UN agenda 21 is massive Global population reduction, the only plausible way to do that is global Plan-demic resulting in Global Vaccination, remember if the Covid 19 virus did occur naturally, it would only survive in the temperature where it managed to cross between Bat to human, yes that is global temperature band, so the pandemic should have been limited to the CCP Wuhan Laboratory area temperatures globally, this Virus is not like that, it just survives in the hottest and coldest extremes??? I’m going to try to avoid being injected with this COVID 19 vaccine annually for as long as I can, I realize they will make it mandatory for commoners like me to be injected , at my age not a big deal, but my Children and Grandchildren are not Elites either, so they will be forced to be injected also.


sorry this is a long comment, >>> Lest we forget ; it’s now over one year since Dr Faucis friends in the Communist China Party, released their COVID 19 Virus from their Wuhan Lab in China, I should give a special mention to the UNs WHO, for delaying the news of the accidental release of the virus from the world, also if you recall, State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus tweeted that by Jan. 3 2020, “Chinese authorities had already ordered #COVID19 virus samples destroyed, silenced Wuhan doctors, and censored public concerns online.” She added, “@Spokesperson CHN is right: This is a timeline the world must absolutely scrutinize.” Along with the UNs WHO delaying the news of the Virus spread for 2 months. Also, sorry this is long winded, but I’m sure I don’t want mRNA,or tRNA changing my DNA thank you very much Big Pharma globalists , supporting the UN agenda 21 and 2030 NWO .

  1. The COVID vaccines are mRNA vaccines. mRNA vaccines are a completely new type of vaccine. No mRNA vaccine has ever been licensed for human use before. In essence, we have absolutely no idea what to expect from this vaccine. We have no idea if it will be effective or safe.
  2. Traditional vaccine simply introduce pieces of a virus to stimulate an immune reaction. The new mRNA vaccine is completely different. It actually injects (transfects) molecules of synthetic genetic material from non-humans sources into our cells. Once in the cells, the genetic material interacts with our transfer RNA (tRNA) to make a foreign protein that supposedly teaches the body to destroy the virus being coded for. Note that these newly created proteins are not regulated by our own DNA, and are thus completely foreign to our cells. What they are fully capable of doing is unknown.
  3. The mRNA molecule is vulnerable to destruction. So, in order to protect the fragile mRNA strands while they are being inserted into our DNA they are coated with PEGylated lipid nanoparticles. This coating hides the mRNA from our immune system which ordinarily would kill any foreign material injected into the body. PEGylated lipid nanoparticles have been used in several different drugs for years. Because of their effect on immune system balance, several studies have shown them to induce allergies and autoimmune diseases. Additionally, PEGylated lipid nanoparticles have been shown to trigger their own immune reactions, and to cause damage to the liver.
  4. These new vaccines are additionally contaminated with aluminium, mercury, and possibly formaldehyde. The manufacturers have not yet disclosed what other toxins they contain.
  5. Since viruses mutate frequently, the chance of any vaccine working for more than a year is unlikely. That is why the flu vaccine changes every year. Last year’s vaccine is no more valuable than last year’s newspaper.
  6. Absolutely no long term safety studies will have been done to ensure that any of these vaccines don’t cause the cancer, seizures, heart disease, allergies, and autoimmune diseases seen with other vaccines. If you ever wanted to be guinea pig for Big Pharma, now is your golden opportunity.
  7. Many experts question whether the mRNA technology is ready for prime time. In November 2020, Dr. Peter Jay Hotez said of the new mRNA vaccines, “I worry about innovation at the expense of practicality because they [the mRNA vaccines] are weighted toward technology platforms that have never made it to licensure before.” Dr. Hotez is Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular Virology & Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine, where he is also Director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development.
  8. Michal Linial, PhD is a Professor of Biochemistry. Because of her research and forecasts on COVID-19, Dr. Linial has been widely quoted in the media. She recently stated, “I won’t be taking it [the mRNA vaccine] immediately – probably not for at least the coming year. We have to wait and see whether it really works. We will have a safety profile for only a certain number of months, so if there is a long-term effect after two years, we cannot know.”
  9. In November 2020, The Washington Post reported on hesitancy among healthcare professionals in the United States to the mRNA vaccines, citing surveys which reported that: “some did not want to be in the first round, so they could wait and see if there are potential side effects”, and that “doctors and nurses want more data before championing vaccines to end the pandemic.”
  10. Since the death rate from COVID resumed to the normal flu death rate way back in early September, the pandemic has been over since then. Therefore, at this point in time no vaccine is needed. The current scare tactics regarding “escalating cases” is based on a PCR test that because it exceeds 34 amplifications has a 100% false positive rate unless it is performed between the 3rd and 5th day after the first day of symptoms. It is there for 100% inaccurate in people with no symptoms. This is well established in the scientific literature.
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