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It’s poetic that reality TV contestant Naz Khanjani can see that her very mild experience of Covid19 is typical, while Michael Baker, architect of NZ’s elimination strategy fumes about dangerous misinformation, then provides the media with statistics which are completely wrong.

If his 1% mortality figure is correct, then why is the WHO publishing statistics indicating that the median is 5 times lower?

The 1% figure led Prof. Rod Jackson to predict 60,000 deaths in Sweden, but there are currently about 9,300 deaths in Sweden.

If Baker is right and the virus is 20x more deadly than the flu, how can it be that Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Malta, Norway, and Northern Ireland have had no increase in overall mortality, despite widespread exposure to the virus? https://www.euromomo.eu/graphs-and-maps/

Also, if the virus is 20x more deadly than the flu, then why are the observed deaths in New Zealand occurring with an age profile that is the same as natural death occurring in past years? Surely, if the virus were so deadly, it would shorten lives, as the 1918 flu epidemic did?

Our longer post on this is here: https://www.covidplanb.co.nz/our-posts/michael-bakers-mysterious-data/

If the architect of NZ’s elimination strategy can get the basic effects of Covid so wrong, what exactly is the foundation for the strategy?

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