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By Will Ryan

So our government is about to freak out over one case of a a virus they admit can’t be stopped by any measures (including a vaccine) and will always be with us…

Does that mean we place restrictions over every “cluster” for eternity? Or just accept it and move on?

By the way the lethality rate has dropped massively to approximately 0.27 IFR, very similar to the common Flu, as the “conspiracy theorists” said from the start.

This isn’t about saving people from a deadly virus, it’s about destroying what’s left of capitalism, private property and individual freedom/ privacy since all other attempts by Marxists has thus far failed. A global pandemic was always on the cards as the pretext for global totalitarian government.

Note the “game” below was developed by SJ games in the 1980’s. Steve Jackson was raided by the FBI in 1990. Funny how accurately the images depict following world events with the same agenda…nothing to see here folks, games and movies are just art and entertainment 😉

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