59% of eligible recipients take the jab

A rather telling statistic. That in the face of the super contagious Omicron, that over 40 % of the vaccinated aren’t queuing up for another jab is an indication of the enthusiasm towards the trial medication..

This statistic may continue in one direction or the other, but if it remains around 60% is testament to the fact it wasn’t ever 90% of Kiwis that enthusiastically went and got the jab. Something I pointed out to the ACT MP who I managed to have a rant to.

Keep an eye in the booster uptake to see the real sentiment of the vaccine, was my parting comment.

Yes there were plenty who enthusiastically got the jab, then some did it to avoid restrictions, with many more to avoid getting fired from their job.

It seems it’s a 50/50 balance between those that are happy to take this vaccine versus those that either don’t want to, or feel a little duped by the whole thing.

This is a moving target so I could end up eating these words but so far is almost exactly where I predicted it would be given the more we learn about this virus and it’s variants.

Let’s see what this week brings in the face of the protests growing in size around the world.

Wait till everyone realised we have all played part in a big experiment, there may be some very angry voters. it seems many politicians are waking up to this with Mandates dropping like flies.

It’s only the likes of the ultra woke. Such as the Canadian, French and New Zealand governments that are digging in their heels accusing detractors as ignorant idiots. Probably a bad move given the education of those vocally warning of the the way this vaccine is being distributed.

Let’s see who of our politicians wake up first and realise no all kiwis are for forced jabs.

Meanwhile in Denmark

Denmark have said the COVID virus no longer poses a public health threat.

I ran the numbers earlier this morning while watching the live feed from Canada.

In the past month there have been circa 327,000 infections of the Danish population. There are 25 people in hospital in a serious condition with COVID, not necessarily from but with.

The 7 day average is over 40,000 infections per day and 25 people in ICU.

Below is the ICU resource use in Denmark.

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