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45 just voted that the Senate should not be impeaching the Former… Former President… so it’s just dumb & is a huge waste of time & taxpayers money to have a trial where 45 will acquit… a conviction takes 67…do the math.. read the Senate rules… 2/3 of 100 is 67… cannot be convicted.. these dirty Democrats and RINOS are scamming their sheep with a fake trial…

Imagine being on trial for murder and the one who committed the murder is the judge. And the jury was his accomplices. It’s kind of like that. This is a corrupt kangaroo court!

It’s obvious the “useful idiots” didn’t even listen to President Trump’s speech. He said multiple times to keep it peaceful. But hey, you Democrats just believe everything you hear and parrot the propaganda.

All the Democrats are doing is distracting the citizens from noticing that they are DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR US CITIZENS! And they are getting paid to do that.

That said….

How many times is Nancy Pelosi and others going to commit acts of Treason and nothing is done? How many Democrats are going to call for violence and no one is held accountable?

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