Sky News host Rowan Dean says globalists promoting the Great Reset – a pro-climate, pro-Marxist economic agenda – predict the US will be in decline by 2030 and other superpowers such as China and big tech will “control every aspect of our lives”. “In expensive and lavish advertisements these globalist organisations boast that after the Great Reset, which they liken to the pushing of a button, you will own nothing, but you will be happy,” Mr Dean said. “They call it ‘servitisation’, which sounds a little too close to ‘servitude’ for my liking, but as I said, they’re not shy about what they are proposing. In fact, they boast about it,” Mr Dean said He asked people to stop accusing him of peddling “crazy conspiracy theories” when the Great Reset was being openly advertised by the World Economic Forum and other well-regarded institutions. “Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum and mastermind of the Great Reset, has insisted COVID-19 must be seized as the moment to introduce his Great Reset”. “Prince Charles urges that we apply the same authoritarian approach we use to crush the virus to reduce our carbon emissions, you know, handcuffing pregnant women in their pajamas and all of that, leading us to the fourth industrial revolution.” Mr Dean warned people to watch out for the new social catchphrases which focus on ‘resetting the economy,’ ‘building back better,’ ‘servitisation’ or ‘stronger cities’ categorising them as part of the Great Reset vocabulary. “These are not accidental phrases, they are embedded within bureaucracies, political parties of the left, and many left-leaning or woke corporations who want you to finance their climate and collectivist fantasies.”

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