7 States join Texas

Whilst many commentators are saying that Trump’s chances are over every day a hearing doesn’t go their way, a land mark case is brewing between Texas and 4 of the Swing States. With 7 other states now joining the court case against Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan, it may be harder for the Supreme court to try and ignore the case.

The challenge has been set, and it is a crossroads moment where the constitution itself is hinging on the decisions the SCOTUS makes on hearing this case.

It is expected up to 10 States may join in the hearing if it goes ahead

The case has passed the first hurdle of being docketed, but the decision for it to be heard is not yet been made.

It was likely to not proceed, but with more States and ergo citizens of the republic having an interest it would be snubbing the people that the Court is there to serve.

Judges will not be wanting to hear this case as it is well written and has solid facts that it is based on and the ruling would void the election and put the decision of the next election on a single vote from each state.

This is very fascinating to see what the outcome of this is. And the outcome of the outcome which can only be more civil unrest.

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